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What Used To Improve A Japanese Kitchen Knives “Shun”?

Japanese kitchen knives – The Shun knives are a Japanese brand of kitchen knife high quality for professionals and food lovers, are made ​​by the Japanese company Kershaw. The Shun knives are expensive, with its classic Shun Elite sale to a sheet 8 inches (20.32 cm) for $ 200 but are well made ​​and will delight any aspiring cook.

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Japanese Kitchen Knives Brands

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Japanese Kitchen Knives Brands

Like other popular Japanese kitchen knives, Shun knives are made ​​of a lightweight steel in contrast to the heavier steel elected by European manufacturers Wüsthof and Henckels knives. The Shun Elite knives also feature a bolsterless handle for greater longevity and steelmaking dust. The Shun Pro Shun Elite is similar to, but do not have steel powder easy to maintain. These knives are harder to maintain. Shun Classic knives feature a layer of hardened steel and wooden handle shaped and Shun Pro U. These can be ordered in styles for left or right handed. Many cooks prefer Japanese kitchen knives style Western , as they are lighter to handle, but at the same time maintain a sharp edge. They are easier to keep sharp if you keep them properly and are often more comfortable for the hand.

Home sharpen

Shun recommends you buy an electric sharpener for Shun knives if you want to sharpen knives at home. These retail were at US $ 59 in 2009 and features a unique sharpening angle of 16 degrees, which coincides exactly with the knives. You can try to sharpen the knife Shun yourself on a stone, keeping the angle of 16 degrees. If you’re not very good at sharpening with a stone, you can do more harm than good to the knife. Japanese kitchen knives are also made of a lighter and more flexible than steel knives European manufacturers like Henckels and Wusthof. This means that knives are easier to use or damage if they are edged by a rookie. If you have an expensive knife and you want to get the best results from it, take it to a professional.

Professional Care

The Shun is unique among manufacturers of Japanese kitchen knives which has a program of free sharpening for life (see Resources). You send the knife to his factory and they will only pay the return shipping costs. If you need your knife the same day, you can find a professional sharpener high quality in your area. You might be able to find one that specializes in Japanese knives.

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