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Types Of Different Hgtv Kitchens

The busiest room in the house, the kitchen model should reflect the particular style of the owner. Many modern hgtv kitchens are integrated with the rest of the house so that they are not only the place where the kitchen, but the place to entertain and relax with family and friends. The kitchen design is basically divided into two main categories: modern and casual, but there are a number of variations on these themes.

hgtv 10 amazing kitchens

Hgtv 10 Amazing Kitchens

  1. Contemporary kitchen

The hgtv kitchens with model of contemporary cuisine based on elegant Scandinavian and Danish styles, plans with closets in lighter woods and equipment, and a stark palette of black and silver, with an accent of red or white. Kitchen appliances with modern design often small, such as microwaves and coffee machines are displayed instead of hidden.

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Hgtv 10 Amazing Kitchens
  1. Farmhouse kitchen

The hgtv kitchens with model American kitchen are casual and rustic backcountry, often with retro touches like enamel cookware cast iron. The style is rustic, with wood paneling, sertanejos cabinets with wrought iron hardware and rich primary colors like red, blue and yellow. The farmhouse kitchen accents include animals such as cows and chickens, ceramics and textiles of thick cotton and simple.

  1. Kitchens sertanejas

Similar to the model of the farmhouse kitchen, but not so rustic. The backcountry hgtv kitchens have enduring popularity and therein lay a casual style that makes it ideal for busy families. The model setaneja kitchen is often based on a theme such as apples or sunflowers, or can be built around a single solid color like red, green or yellow.

  1. Old kitchen

The model of the old kitchen, inspired by French and Italian cuisine, is quite popular. Models of French kitchens incorporate rich woods such as cherry and mahogany, copper cookware, aprons and a built-for pastries marble counter.

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