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Reface Kitchen Cabinets: The Efficient Way For Brand New Look

There are many ways in obtaining brand new look for kitchen cabinets. In kitchen remodeling, even replacing the whole cabinets with the new one is one of those ways. Indeed, it might be faster since you don’t have to think that hard as far as measuring or calculating things too much. However, the cost is what you will have to sacrifice here. Is there any other way then? Yes, of course. Reface kitchen cabinets is the efficient way of all.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

What is kitchen cabinet refacing?

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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In home design term, refacing also goes with the term resurfacing. Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is not the act of putting new paint on the cabinets. In fact, it is the act of putting veneer or laminate on the areas that are exposed, except the front area like the cabinet’s door or drawer’s front. Why there is an exception for that is because to reface kitchen cabinets, we need to replace them with the new one.

The point of kitchen cabinet refacing is to give veneer or laminate that suits the new intended cabinet’s door or drawer’s front. As to how to reface kitchen cabinets, the cabinet’s exposed areas should be given veneer or laminate first before installing the new fronts. With such uncomplicated ways, it is time efficient and very effective to give your cabinets a whole brand new look.

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