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How To Prepare And Paint Diy Kitchen Cabinets

Diy kitchen cabinets – Remodeling your kitchen can mean changing counter tops, paint walls, change the roof or add any number of accessories. Unless you include your cabinets, remodel your kitchen will not have a drastic effect. The finish on the diy kitchen cabinets can give you that new look you’re seeking. You’ll have to disassemble all the parts, remove the old paint and add a new finish coats. This process takes time, but it’s the best way to give your cabinets a fresh look.

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Diy Kitchen Cabinets Brisbane


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Diy Kitchen Cabinets Brisbane
  1. Cover the floor and countertops with cloth cover; super poles to prevent any gaps. Paste the edges of the cloth cover to secure them in place and prevent slipping.
  2. Draw your diy kitchen cabinets on paper with a pencil. Mark each handle and hinge on the sketch with its own number.
  3. Remove the drawers of the cabinets and put them aside. Loosen the hinges with a screwdriver and put the doors on one side.
  4. Remove the door handles and drawer with the screwdriver. Remove the hinges. Clean each piece with steel wool and with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Glue a small piece of tape on each piece of hardware and label each piece of hardware with its own identification number your drawing.
  6. Sand wood surfaces of the drawers, doors and cabinets with sandpaper fine grain. Clean wood with soft, dry cloth.
  7. Loosen hub hopper on your gun. Fill the hopper with bucket latex-based primer.
  8. Sprinkle all surfaces of doors, drawers and cabinets with primer. Keep the spray nozzle 12 inches (30.48 cm) from the surface. Sprayed in short bursts nozzle while moving side to side.
  9. Apply enough primer to cover every surface with a thin, thin layer. Let the primer dry completely before proceeding.
  10. Disassemble and clean the sprayer with water. Fill the bucket with latex paint hopper. Covers all surfaces with two masts light, even coats of paint.
  11. Turn the spray nozzle from side to side as you spray in short bursts. Let each layer dry completely before proceeding.
  12. Charge your sprayer and spray polyurethane paint each wooden surface. Let the polyurethane dry completely.
  13.  Reassemble the diy kitchen cabinets in the same order they were disassembled. Remove the tape and protective fabrics.

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