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How To Play Kitchen Sets On A Bridal Shower

The play kitchen sets with game apron and kitchen utensils is an activity that makes the bridal shower guests to enjoy. They should observe and remember the hanging apron worn by the bride and utensils that you remember the most number of items is rewarded. The surprise of the game is that when guests come apron, they will have no idea that they will need to remember the utensils. So when they know the task will be surprised.

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  1. Buy ten items to play kitchen sets with hang on the apron. The best choices are light and no sharp parts items such as trowels, small rolls of dough and shells. Remove all labels.
  2. Buy a plain apron to put the utensils. If you want, you can choose a patterned apron, which make identification more difficult.
  3. Preach the all play kitchen sets fixtures in front of the apron. You can also sew them, glue them or nail them with duct tape, according to your preference and the weight of each item.
  4. Fold the apron with utensils nailed and put it in a box. Wrap the box with wrapping paper for wedding and put a bow on top. Do not forget to identify the box so that the person handing out the gifts to know that this box should be delivered first.

5. Ask the bride to sit in a chair in the middle of the room and tell her it’s time to open presents. After she sit, handed the box with the apron. When she opened her apron and see, say that the bridal shower is not the same if not a joke; she has to play kitchen sets put of apron, walk around and show it to all the people present.

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November 23, 2017 Kitchen Ideas

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