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How To Install Carpet Stair Treads

Incorporating carpet stair treads is a simple way to bring a more beautiful look in the entire interior of your house. Moreover the treads will also provide padding and traction on the stairs so that walking up and down along the stairs will be safer. You will not need to spend your money to pay for professionals since you can actually do the stair treads installation by yourself in just a single day.

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Carpet Stair Treads For Dogs

Preparation is the key when you are about to install carpet stair treads by yourself. If you have carpet that was already installed on the stairs, you should at least refinish the carpet, replace the carpet, or remove it entirely. It is important since the stair treads carpet itself is only placed at the center of the stairs leaving a small section on both ends of the stairs remain visible. Thus you should have the surface in a good look and shape. Once you have dealt with the surface, be sure to take measurement to determine the center part of the stairs and mark the spot precisely.

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Next thing to be prepared is the carpet stair treads that you are going to install. Get yourself tackless tape first, and then attach the tape right at the back side, center portion, and also vertical edges of the step. Remember to leave at least 3/4–in to be the allowance spot on the edge of the step.

Installing the padding is the next thing to be done in incorporating the carpet stair treads in your house. The size of the padding should be in the same size as the actual tread. Be sure to measure and cut the padding accordingly and then use either staples or tackless tape to appropriately secure the padding into the stair steps. Make sure that you secure the padding perfectly tight to avoid any damage in the future when the stairs are being stepped very often.

Eventually, the treads should be installed at the last step. Before placing the treads, you should check everything else first that they have been in their correct place or size. Once everything is good, begin placing the treads on the stairs. Start installing from the very bottom step. Attach the treads on the tape that you have placed previously on the steps. You can use an awl to ensure that the carpet stair treads are installed neatly on the stairs.

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