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How To Decorate A Tabletop Fireplace

Tabletop fireplace – A non-functional or indoor fireplace with tables need not be a disadvantage in the decor. If the ledge and around the chimney are still in place you can easily return it in a frame area for a variety of settings attractive decorations. Start painting the shelf and around white and the wall behind the fireplace of a color bright or dark and you have the perfect base to create a focal point in your home.

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Tabletop Fireplace Australia
  1. Place a screen in front of painted and decorative fireplace. For a country or rustic feel using a section of fence posts. For a more traditional look modern and uses a screen with simple metal lines.
  2. It frames a little to put right up against the candles placed on tabletop fireplace, a vase or other decorative accessories on top. Use an old blanket to show the same decoration for a stylish finish.
  3. Provides a workspace for writing or by placing a desk neat little accompanied by a chair against the chimney and fix it with the necessary office supplies like pens a card holder and paper to write.
  4. Put wallpaper on the area covered in the fireplace with a bold floral design as a large, abstract, or a striped pattern Scottish pattern and place a small rug in front that complements the colors or pattern.
  5. Place potted plants around the tabletop fireplace to create a garden area. Use shelves for plants at different heights to give a varied and interesting appearance of the fireplace.
  6. Fill the area covered with a large, framed picture. If the room is small make her look great to fill the space with a mirror.

7. Paint a mural on the tabletop fireplace area. You can paint a garden, a nature scene, a dog or a cat sitting looking out or even a roaring fire for a whimsical touch.

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