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How To Cut A Passage Through The Step 2 Kitchen

A passage through the kitchen refers to an opening in a wall, typically to open space involving the kitchen and an adjoining home. A step 2 kitchen not only offers a better view, but allows the food to pass through the kitchen to the guests in the other room. You can cut a passage through your kitchen wall and save yourself the expense of hiring knowledgeable service there is to do the tasks for you personally.

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  1. Check the wall where you plan to cut the step 2 kitchen to determine if a wall is load. If the wall extends over more than one floor, or perpendicular towards the rafters of that roof, is likely to be a load-bearing wall.
  2. Determine the size of your desired pace. Use a tape measure and mark the measurements on the wall. Framed step 2 kitchen with masking tape.
  3. Go to the electrical box in your home and off all electrical circuits connected to the outlets and lights in the kitchen and around your wall. Also make sure all power is off for lights or electrical outlets located inside the surrounding areas upon the floors above and below your wall.
  4. A straight edge placed on the wall, holding it against the outer edge of the tape. Walking along the wall, on the right edge with a knife. Extracts drywall hands.
  5. Check the step 2 kitchen on the opening in the wall studs. Drill a couple of drywall screws into studs.
  6. Place the blade of a reciprocating saw against the underside of the wall opening. Cut the lower ends of the studs in the wall. Cut through the drywall along the opposite end.

7. Place the blade of the jigsaw against the upper side of the opening in the wall. Cut the studs and drywall beyond. The passage hole is ready to be framed.

November 6, 2017 Kitchen Ideas

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