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How To Convert The Space Occupied By A Kitchen Trash Can Compactor In A Cabinet

Ever, the homebuyers must have felt that a trash compactor in the modern kitchen. However, with the age of recycling, kitchen trash can have lost their appeal. If the trash compactor does not work anymore, or if you just want to replace it with a more practical space, fills the space compactor to another cabinet. The typical size of a trash compactor is 15 inches (38 cm) wide.

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Aluminum Kitchen Trash Can

If you are determined to convert the space occupied by a kitchen trash can compactor in a cabinet. Use your own creativity and implement your own kitchen trash can instructions by combining different ideas in this article.

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Aluminum Kitchen Trash Can


  1. Measure the space left after removing the kitchen trash can compactor with a tape measure. Try measuring with a margin of less than one sixteenth of an inch (2 mm) error.
  2. Take the measurements of a kitchen cabinet to find a base the size of your opening. As the basis cabinets come in a variety of widths, no problem should not occur to locate one in the remaining space.
  3. Removes a closet door neighbor to try to find a door that matches with the new cabinet. Although many builders use stock cabinets, over time, the wood ages and discolors. Find a perfect match can be difficult if you try to buy a standard door.
  4. Purchase unfinished door with the same pattern motif on the front and questions on a workshop cabinets if they can match the stain and finish with the old door. Expert’s cabinets allow you to know if the job convert the space occupied by a kitchen trash can is feasible.
  5. Anchor base cabinet with the rest of the cabinets. Use shims to level if necessary to align the base and the top. Screw the cabinet to adjacent cabinets with screws for wood through the frame.

6. Install the door to the cabinet and aligning the matching subject hinges with a screwdriver or drill.

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February 9, 2018 Kitchen Ideas

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