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Do Yourself Reform In Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Often, people move into homes with cabinet’s kitchen they consider dull or ugly. Other times, the surface of them wears out with time. In both cases, the refacing kitchen cabinets, and yourself with the necessary tools and a method, can take on the project. Wood and hardware companies will have most of the materials you need, including veneered panels and wooden doors to the cabinets.

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Companies


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  1. Unscrew the doors of the closet of their hinges. Wipe refacing kitchen cabinets them with a solution of trisodium phosphate and let dry.
  2. Sand the doors and wipe with a cloth. Place carpenter’s glue on the plywood and attach to the cabinet.
  3. Secure the panel in place with nails and fill the holes with wood filler.
  4. Cut the wood veneers banded 1.30 cm wider and 5 cm longer than the horizontal and vertical beams of the closet. Attach the veneer to the vertical beam, aligning it and removing the back, revealing the adhesive that will stick to the cabinet. Press the block of wood to make it so that no air bubbles form. Cut the excess using the side of the closet as a guide. Repeat the procedure for each beam.
  5. Attach the refacing kitchen cabinets with wood veneers to the rafters of the cabinet, using the same procedure described in Step 4. In the corners, where the veneers overlap, make a square using a ruler and cut with both the stylus. Raise the horizontal beams and scrape the excess with a razor blade down, press and smooth again. Repeat this step for all corners of the closet.
  6. Screw the hinges on the cabinet doors with the drill and align the door. Repeat if more than one door.
  7. With the drill, make holes in the doors for knobs and screw them in the desired location.

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